ABA & AB Blown Film

ABA & AB Blown Film

A single, smaller extruder for both A-layers produces only 30–40% new plastic resins per minute and runs at a slower pace.

The second extruder is for the intermediate layer, which lowers costs by using recycled plastic resins and CaCo³.

The blown film line with ABA layer considerably lowers raw material costs while maintaining a high standard of plastic film quality.In addition to requiring less raw material, the ABA plastic film extrusion machine produces three layers of film that are 30% stronger than monolayers.

With a completed printing surface on both sides, it is intended for common applications such as shopping bags, adding value to the final product.

One may produce a three-layer blown film line in a traditional two-layer co-extrusion line by making a little modification to the die block design. The result will be a three-layer film with a different centre layer and the same material for the top and bottom layers. If an application just calls for two layers, such as two coloured bags, the die block may be changed to convert A/B/A co-ex to A/B co-ex.

Optional Devices


Applications of Aba & Ab blown film

PE general purpose film, HDPE pick-up bags, Shade-net film, PE lamination film, Mulch film, Courier film, Stretch & Cling film, Shrink film, Anti-rust film and Tarpaulin Film etc.

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